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Vicky, Victoria, Vix or Vickytoria is a 39-year-old writer, content creator, business mentor, mother and self-confessed crazy cat lady who lives in Lancaster, Lancashire, UK with her partner Gavin, teenage son Nathan, and their horde of cats.  Over the last 20 years, Vicky has had a number of online blogs, from MySpace to LiveJournal, Tumblr to Blogger and finally going self-hosted nine years ago with her first mainstream blog, A Cupcake Mum.  Her blogging life went through a number of changes over the years as her life and family changed and grew up, with the most recent of websites, The Motherhood, focusing on life with her now teenage son, It became famous for her discussions, and confessions about how Vicky and her son battled and overcame online gaming addiction with Fortnite.

Since things are ever-changing in life, Vicky was happy when Nathan discovered that he had his own online following on social media and the streaming platform Mixer. Nathan wished to do his own thing and with being home educated too, he wanted to engage in his audience and learn more about social media marketing.  With this in mind, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to ditch the mummy blog cliche and venture out on her own, developing her writing and trying new things.

Ditching the Mummy Blog

Having been pigeonholed as a mummy blogger for over nine years, it was getting tedious to have offered to review baby toys, kid’s games and things that were not of interest to many of her audience who have matured alongside her and her family. However, Vicky still remains a Mum, and it will always be something she is very proud of, which is why The Motherhood will also be growing, with a number of Mums from various walks of life, all with varying parenting styles, will be continuing to post and discuss relevant topics.  Vicky will oversee the site and allocate PR reviews to her team and also write occasionally there about what it’s like parenting to a teenager.  If you are interested in working with us as a guest writer, either as a one-off, or on an ongoing basis, please pop over to The Motherhood Contact Page and get in touch. Another reason Vicky has decided to ditch the Mummy Blog cliche is that in the past she has been turned down for a number of campaigns because her writing was not family-friendly.  Her blog posts have been hailed, “too crude, rude and have too many mentions of penis’ in them for us to consider working with her!” That is one of the more memorable comments about her writing style, and one that she is quite proud of, too!

Adulting is Hard!

Being real about adulthood online is what Vicky has championed from the beginning of her blogging life. She does not mince her words, she gives honest and frank opinions and likes to swear.  This has been toned down previously to fall in line with more family-friendly content, but with the growth of her brand, Vicky wants to really push for what she is proud of, and do more of it.  Showing other adults that they are not alone, that they can share their opinions and experiences online, without ridicule or trolling behavior is one of Vicky’s priorities.

“We all have good days and bad days. Life online tends to be insta-perfect. People have perfect hair, perfect nails, the perfect home, and as content creators it gives our audiences an unrealistic view of life. My life is far from insta-perfect, I have dishes in the sink, my bed is almost always unmade, there is out of date food in my fridge and I have a cat, that no matter what, always shits on the mat by the front door, every single day!” explains Vicky.

Hey! Vickytoria?

Vickytoria is a mix of the personal and professional life of Vicky online.  From discussing her ongoing journey with her health conditions and securing a firm diagnosis and treatment, to working with brands and businesses on the press, marketing and social media, Vicky merges the two areas of her life into one.  She keeps it real with a mix of humour, sarcasm, profanities, innuendoes – and if you ever need anyone for a pub quiz companion, Vicky is a fount of all knowledge when it comes to 90s pop trivia and song lyrics. Vicky also does freelance work with local businesses in the form of marketing and business support, mentoring and public speaking.

“This is a very exciting step for me as I now feel I am fully able to be myself and not conform to the cliches of being a Mummy Blogger who has all their shit together. We all know the ones, with the meal plans, batch cooking, the perfect relationship, styled flat lay photography for every mealtime – I had to question myself once when I was eating out and my son didn’t start eating right away because he assumed that I needed to take a photo of his food before we started to eat, has this replace grace before a mealtime? I realised that I was trying to be one of the pack, when really, I want to be proud of being me and I don’t want to be the same as every other blogger out there.  Life should be fun, we should embrace our flaws, admit our mistakes and use our experiences to be a better person, for both ourselves and our children, as it is our actions that will influence their future. It gives children unhealthy expectations of life to see so many influencers leading these perfect lives, just make a few videos and play games and you too can become a millionaire! And, to be honest, I can’t imagine anything worse than a Stepford Wives insta-perfect future for everything! It would be like that episode of Black Mirror come true!”

What can I expect from Vickytoria?

Honesty, integrity, sarcasm and cat photos, in a nutshell.

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