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I hate Suzie, but really, I think I’m in love

I have a girl crush, I have for a long time. Many women do, but just don’t vocalise it. I also know men have man crushes and don’t make it public, but I say it as it is, and always will, I have no shame in airing my feelings in the public domain either. My girl crush is Billie Piper. There, I said it. It’s not weird, yes I liked her music, yes I even had her album, and she was, hands down the best Drs assistant, EVER. PERIOD.

Its a Friday night of the August Bank Holiday Weekend, I have had some mediocre take away, too much haribo, and binge watched all eight episodes of Billie Piper and Lucy Prebble’s drama “I Hate Suzie”. It has been a very enjoyable evening. Yes, I did get to watch many an hour of my said girl crush, in various sexual exploits, but I also watched and connected with the show on so many levels. Normally the TV is on as background noise, half paying attention while I do work on my phone. I Hate Suzie actually had me put down my phone, I was swept up in her life which went through the stages of grief, from shock to acceptance, and left me wanting more.

Billie piper in i hate suzie

I live in the social media world, I may not be a former child star or tv famous, but I have lived the life and had my share of Internet trolls, public shaming, family turmoil, fear of doing right and wrong, and even raiding kids toys for vibrator batteries in desperate times of need! Billie created a relatable and loveable character with Suzie, I wanted to be there with her to sing “Fuck You” to the world, drinking at 9am and laughing at how ridiculous the world expects people to behave. Suzie is the Mum I always wanted to meet on the school playground, but never did, because I was that mum.

I was the mum there in last nights make up, some times PJs, hair in a mum bun, frantically replying to emails or PR phone calls. I was the mum who’s kid shouted out swear words at the school Easter Bingo Quiz and then later had the school talking about dildos. I was later made Vice Chair of the PTA (Parents to Avoid) and of course that went down like pre-bought cakes at the bake sale.

Suzie, and especially her internal monologue, made me realise that so many of us struggle and that it is OK to experience every one of those emotions in life. Suzie made me want to live more. Knowing that through thick and thin, accepting things at the end of it all is what matters. It also confirmed that my girl crush had not wavered after all these years.

You can watch “I hate Suzie” via Sky or Now TV on demand. This is not a sponsored post, I just bloody well loved this series.

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