Unleash the Magic with Harry Potter Magical Capsules [Gifted Product]

Yes, I know, I am a fully grown adult, but there is something which still sets off the kid inside me when it comes to all things Harry Potter.

I must confess, I only finished reading the books at the start of this year, having been a fan of the movie franchise, so when I was given the chance to play with some new Harry Potter blind bag style toys, I jumped at the chance.  Kap Toys are releasing a series of Magical Capsules where you get to unbox the magic, with a series of clues as to who you have inside your capsule box.  Each bronze Hogwarts crest box contains two clues as to who is hiding inside with the clues reviled by heat and moisture – anyone will forgive you for muttering spells while you entice the papers to display the hidden messages. It is worth noting that we really liked that the blind bags were wrapped in paper and not plastic which not only made for easy opening (no scissors required), but can also be recycled too.

There are 10 characters to be collected in series 1, including one rare and one ultra-rare, and inside each capsule, you will discover seven magical surprises that take you on a discovery of who is hidden inside – will you guess right? Each capsule retails at £9.99 and will available from major toy retailers and Tesco from Mid-July 2020 or available now via the Kap Toys website.

Thank you to Kap Toys who have sent this product out to me to review.  We are looking forward to opening more of these capsules and building up our desktop Dumbledor Army.

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