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How to have a stress free christmas

The festive season is the time of the year where tensions always run high. Everyone has visions of how their festive season will pan out, from the present giving to the christmas dinner. But the reality is that nothing ever goes as smoothly as we hoped. Christmas can be a time for over indulging, and last year I was victim to Christmas Eve celebrations getting too merry. On the big day itself we slept late, forgot to defrost the meat, but that didn’t matter as we were too hungover to care really. The day was spent mostly nursing our headaches and watching movies very quietly.

This year however, we have made a pact that we are not going to overthink, over plan and get too caught up in the expectations of the season. The meaning of the festivities can easily be lost, we can make the holidays more enjoyable by remembering that love, family, giving and being thankful are the reasons we celebrate.

All about the food

Able and Cole mince pies

The thought of cooking christmas dinner can be an overwhelming thought. I was pleased to see that organic veg box company, Able and Cole have got Christmas dinner boxed up for you. If you are looking for a stress free cooking route this season, why not pre-order your whole christmas dinner in a box? They offer the whole meal with recipe cards, timings and all the trimmings you could need to make an outstanding Christmas dinner. If you already have your meal plan sorted, why not visit their christmas shop to browse their delicious christmas range from artisan producers. Shopping with Able and Cole takes the stress out of shopping as well as cutting down on plastic packaging and carbon footprint. The ethical christmas dinner. Buying a christmas dinner box from Able and Cole will ensure that there is no last minute dash to the shop to find the one thing that’s been forgotten.

All about Eve

Christmas tree bauble

Christmas Eve can be just as special as the big day, even more so if you have children and the magic of Santa arriving. Christmas Eve boxes are now becoming more popular, the best ideas we have seen are the exploding boxes made with items from Poundland. You can take these to the next level by adding pyjamas, a christmas DVD or book and having one for each member of the family. Open them at tea time on christmas eve, snuggle with hot chocolate, snacks and a selection of festive movies for a relaxing start to the holidays.

All about the gifts

Christmas presents

It shouldn’t be all about gifts, but we know that is what everyone anticipates. It is very easy to go overboard with the gift giving, with black friday sales, last minute offers and 3 for 2 deals in most shops. There is an art to gift giving and it is said giving a thoughtful gift creates a longer lasting feeling of self worth than receiving. With sustainable shopping in mind, this year why not try and cut down on packaged gift sets and instead buy from local businesses? Look out for fair trade and sustainable goods, upcycled items from charity shops or even give the gift of time with a home made voucher book. There are loads of ideas on A Sustainable Life on how you can have a #crapfreechristmas.

Have you thought about implementing the five present rule? This is where you cut down on buying too much by sticking to a simple mantra for each person in your family. Want, Need, Wear, Read, Share. Of course, you can elaborate on this rule, for example, Read does not have to be a book, but could be a kindle or even a magazine subscription. In the Need section, for children, this could be something educational, and the Share could be a family board game or an activity to do together. You can put as much or a little effort into thinking up ideas for this but it’s a good rule for present buying if you are ever stuck on what to buy someone.

Have you got any other tips on how to have a stress free Christmas? Please share them below, we would love to hear your traditions and christmas hacks to make the most out of the day.

Why not join me at 8pm on Sunday, 1st December on Instagram and Facebook where I will be live streaming talking about some suggestions on gifts, secret santa, stocking fillers and there will be the chance to win some gifts too!

Love, hugs and mince pies
V x

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